Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stranger - Britney Spears

ok usually me writing involves a paper, a pen, and text books - fuyoh bujet! feels corny typing my mind here, chatting negated of course. feels like a muse fan suddenly turns to listen to britney(no offence shydee), or like an nba fan sudden shift towards golf(u still the man tiger).
talk bout identity crisis huh. i guess at some point in life we're always a stranger to ourselves. and why not, we sometimes treat strangers better then a known person. scene- restraunt, you're paying off your dinner right, u look at the casier, smile-2-smile greet response, pays off your bill, the casier knock off a buck or 2, u tilt your head with a handsome smile signalling good gesture, followed by the thank you-come again soon, routine. you walkoff feeling nice and warm inside.
with people u know,sometimes its

'hoi! WTH man!'
-'oh no'
'dude! i heard u hate golf...WTH man! WTH!way uncool, bring it!..ever heard britney's ooops i did again?!'

ok la not all macam ni, cause us malaysians are warm people :)
but u get what i mean, there are some of us in these seas but not all eagered to swim upon. guess it helps treating each other as strangers once in a blue moon.
well those who swim, take a deep breath before the dive, those surfing above, watchout for malignant waves, and those strangers out there, be nice to the swimmers and surfers, even if u dont know 'em as friends.